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ख्रिश्चन जीवन प्रकाशचे लेख अथवा त्यातील भाग तुम्ही फोरवर्ड करू शकता. परंतु तसे करताना " - ख्रिश्चन जीवन प्रकाशच्या सौजन्याने" हे वाक्य टाकावे.

Posted by on Oct 1, 2016 in Jeevan Prakash



I woke up to realise that a full 8 months of 2016 has finished and we have just 4 months left before we come to the end of another year. It frightened me because I realised this is one year closer to the end of this world and the coming of Jesus to judge and send countless millions to an eternal hell. I was overwhelmed with the thought: Have I done enough in my service to Christ? Have I lived worthy of my call? Jesus will not only come to judge the wicked and send them to eternal hell but He will also judge believers for the good works they have done in His name because as a response to salvation and give rewards.

I trust you think of eternity each day the Lord gives you to live. Another year will soon be past – only what is done for Christ will last.


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In Christ


Chris Williams

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