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ख्रिश्चन जीवन प्रकाशचे लेख अथवा त्यातील भाग तुम्ही फोरवर्ड करू शकता. परंतु तसे करताना " - ख्रिश्चन जीवन प्रकाशच्या सौजन्याने" हे वाक्य टाकावे.

Posted by on Oct 1, 2016 in Jeevan Prakash

Some Key Essentials on Leading a Biblical Local Church

Some Key Essentials on Leading a Biblical Local Church

I am presenting here two main sections. The first is just a bare outline of how to embark on a NEW Church plant. The second section is more about the MAIN INGREDIENTS of that new Church and how to keep it biblical. One must always be alert to safe-guard the biblical nature of our local churches because it is very easy to slip into unbiblical practices.


  1. God often gives one single person or one couple the vision for church planting. Examples —
  • Nehemiah
  • Paul

If God places a burden on your heart to do this follow His leading humbly.


  1. God leads people together to use them in the work of church planting. Immediately begin praying God will give you others with the same burden and vision.


  1. The burden for church planting is communicated. You tell others and spread the word prudently. Not all will encourage you but there will be a few godly people who will respond. Pray that these will be married couples who are spiritually settled and mature.



  1. The bible is studied to set up a common understanding of “Church”. Get books and study the bible and these good books on the nature of a Biblical Church.

Goal: Adopting a Confession of Faith


  1. A church planting team is formed. There needs to be a work of God’s grace on those who join with you in this good work. Pray with each other and ensure unity and a biblical mind-set is established and maintained.


  1. A prayer meeting is established on a regular basis. Start a weekly prayer meeting with the team members. This should gradually expand but avoid looking for numbers. Keep the spiritual quality of the team members a priority.

The priority of prayer!


  1. Begin as a Home Fellowship Group: Bible Study & Prayer. A local church does not normally begin in a BIG way. Begin small. Don’t do everything – Look at Acts 2:42 and adopt one thing at a time of the 4 ingredients of the NT Church which began in Acts 2:42.


  1. Don’t forget to give information to other churches. Let other local churches know of your endeavor so that from the start they know and either not like the idea or give you their blessing. Don’t hide your desire for this. Maybe cooperation is possible – some pastors may even send you those who stay near you because it is more convenient for them.


  1. Start of evangelistic efforts. A healthy grows by bringing people to Christ. Sheep stealing for your numbers to grow is bad and to be avoided.


  1. Start of children and youth ministry. You will be surprised that parents of little children are looking for a children’s ministry and if you provide that it attracts families to join your local church. Youth too are looking for spiritual help.


  1. Start of gathering on Sunday. Sundays are the biblical days for corporate worship. Even with a few devoted people this can be a good way to establish your existence. People hear and want to join.


  1. Registration(s) of your local church should be thought of sooner than later in keeping with the biblical teaching that we submit to government (eg: Romans 13:1ff). Avoid doing this in the first 2 years. Make sure you have only tested godly men on your registered body as board members. It is difficult to get rid of ungodly people after they are appointed.


  1. Evangelization of the lost and edification of the saints must be the two priorities.


  1. Discipleship training is a must and kept as the core concern of your local church. Spiritual growth does not happen by hoping and wishful thinking. There are many tools available for discipling your people at every age group.


  1. Sound doctrine and sound relationships go hand in hand. It is not enough to have good biblical teaching. A healthy church nourishes good personal relationships amongst the members.


  1. Be clear about the FOUNDATIONAL INGREDIENTS of a local church —
  • Study Acts 2:37-47
      1. They were “cut to the heart” and asked Peter,
      2. They then asked: “what must we do …?”
    2. Regular and consistent ACTIVITIES MUST include: (See verse 42)
      1. The Apostles’ Teaching — (Expository Preaching which is doctrinal)
      2. True Fellowship (a combination of The Lord’s Table and Caring and Sharing)
      3. The Breaking of Bread (helps believers to have fellowship and deal with their sin)
      4. The Prayers
      5. The RESULTS: vs. 43-47
    3. Great Fear and AWE of God among the people both in and outside the church
    4. Great Caring and Sharing (as each had need)
    5. Great Joy among God’s people
    6. Great Evangelism (The Lord added to the church … )


The above should be the regular activities of the church as well as the ETHOS of the believers. This makes the local church biblical.


  1. The local church should be kept “autonomous”. Any affiliation to any other body (whether other Church or para-church body) can cause problems that cause “politics” in the church in the long run.


  1. There needs to be, from the inception:
  • Good Preaching
  • Good Singing
  • Offerings that are used for “spiritual” needs/activities and for meeting the needs of those who attend as well as for evangelism and missionary outreach
  • The Lord’s Table
  • A sense of worship all through the service and not just the singing part


  1. Make every effort to keep good and efficient administration of the affairs of the local church. This should be in all aspects but especially in accounts so that there is no occasion for any suspicion of mismanagement. Read through 2 Cor. 8 and 9 (esp. 2 Cor. 8:16-23).


  1. Let God draw individuals to you rather than coaxing people to join. Each one who forms the core group MUST be tested for a clear understanding and commitment to this local church for the purposes mentioned above.


I pray this helps you if you are a church-planter or a pastor.