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ख्रिश्चन जीवन प्रकाशचे लेख अथवा त्यातील भाग तुम्ही फोरवर्ड करू शकता. परंतु तसे करताना " - ख्रिश्चन जीवन प्रकाशच्या सौजन्याने" हे वाक्य टाकावे.

Posted on Jun 13, 2016 in Jeevan Prakash



As we continue to serve in the places where God has placed us we need to be much in pray. God is at work and while we are His co-workers we need to take care that activity does not overshadow our personal and collective walk with God. Nor should we make prayer an addendum and an appendix to our activities. Often we plan everything and then close with prayer uttering a few words that include the statement: Bless all our plans …

Be careful! Are we asking the Lord to bless our plans? Did we seek Him for His will? Are we really depending on God in our planning and the execution of those plans or are we just uttering some words in prayer because we habitually pray at the close of our meetings?

This issue has several articles that I would like to highlight.

We are glad for your participation in the ministry we engage in. We covet your prayers and are grateful to those who financially support the ministry. May this issue too be a blessing to your souls.

Chris Williams
Chairman, LM